“Smartwatch” The Health Benefits Are Incredible

Update - 2018.01.24“Smartwatch” : The Health benefits

“If fitness trackers help people not only to [just] move, but also to exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes or more, it may benefit health outcomes,” she said. But if you’re only getting a few steps in, you’re probably not getting the recommended amount of physical activity needed to prevent health problems down the line.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), adults should get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes per week of high-intensity aerobic exercise—or a combination of both. Additionally, adults should get moderate- to high-intensity strength training at least two days per week.

If you use your fitness tracker to help motivate you to meet the above criteria, then there’s a good chance you’ll reap the health benefits that come with regular exercise.

Benefits Of Smartwatches That Will Change Your Life Forever

You will get surprised at the many amazing advantages you can get from using a smartwatch that will dramatically improve your life.  Hence, we have created 30 ways they can enhance your quality of life:

It Keeps You Moving

Firstly, the lack of movement or physical activity can lead to muscle atrophy, heart problems, obesity, diabetes, stress, and joint problems. Besides, if staying active is a challenge for you there is an efficient way to keep moving. Many fitness gadgets can alert you every 15 minutes to an hour to move and help you stay active.

Even people with a sedentary life can benefit from this feature by creating the habit of moving. Also, if you work 9 hours you can set up the move alert every 1 hour. You will be used to stay active.  Remember moving a couple of minutes can make a great difference.

Many smartwatches will vibrate you to move which can be pretty annoying. Do not disable the move alert. Instead, you can turn off the vibration setting and you will see a reminder on the screen.

Helps Manage Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or HBP is when the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is consistently too high. According to the American Heart Association, “nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure. Many don’t even know they have it.”. Therefore, have your BP checked and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Many fitness devices have a BP monitor integrated. They can measure your blood pressure 24/7 which helps you manage it before it can get serious. You can monitor your BP at home and share the BP log with your doctor.

Although many smartwatches with the blood pressure can be accurate I would suggest you compare your results with your doctor’s.

Increased Fitness Motivation

This is another benefit of wearing a smartwatch that will keep you moving. It may have happened to many of you before. Getting motivated to workout can be so hard due to our busy schedule or a simple loss of interest. A very effective way to get motivated is to use a smartwatch.

Set a fitness goal and monitor your progress. Then you will see the results in less time depending on your persistence. Using one doing your workout will help you exercise efficiently and will keep you motivated.

If it is hard for you to get motivated just create a habit. Working out the same days and times will help you create a routine. You will automatically follow this routine and will help you stay motivated.


It Helps Reach Your Fitness Goals

One of the smartwatch benefits is that you will achieve better performance. We all want to see the results after making a big effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Using a smart fitness wristband while working out will help you obtain better results in less time.

Why? Because they can monitor your fitness levels which allow you to adjust your workout accordingly. Besides, you will know if you need to do more or if you are over-exercising. Also, you can obtain great results without getting injured.

Always use your fitness device every time you workout. You will see your results which helps determine if your fitness plan is working for you or if you need to make changes in your plan.

Increases Body Awareness

Monitoring your fitness progress with a smartwatch will help you be aware of your body. For example, monitoring your heart rate during your workout will show how your body can react depending on the intensity.


   Besides, you will adapt to these changes and even will adjust your workout which helps obtain better results.

Make good use of the health data to either adjust your fitness plan or to see your progress. You will keep learning more about your body like never before.

Better Breathing

Breathing is life. We cannot live without it! It comes naturally! Breathing correctly helps you feel energized, more relaxed, helps you sleep better, improve your digestion and your organs will function optimally. However, when we are stressed our breathing is heavier and shallow. Therefore, it is very important to monitor our breathing from time to time.

One of the smartwatch life-changing benefits is that you can improve your breathing. For example, Apple Series 4 features a guided breathing session that helps you breathe correctly. It also helps manage anxiety and depression effectively.

Use the guided breathing feature every day! Your breathing will come more naturally. Also, your stress will be easier to manage and anxiety levels will decrease as well.


Health Data Can Be Sent Directly To Your Doctor

You try to tell your doctor everything is going on with your body. He uses this information to take the next step. However, the information you gave might not be enough for him to diagnose or to find a solution. You might be subject to more visits and tests.

One of the benefits of wearing a smartwatch is that your health data can be shared with your doctor which helps him to detect any health condition. Just imagine he will have a valuable piece of information that he won’t get from a yearly health exam.

Be proactive with your doctor and share your health data. This will allow him to will be more involved in your wellbeing.

It Can Track Your Favorite Sports

Playing your favorite sport during your spare time can be rewarding and lots of fun. How you can monitor your fitness levels to know where you stand. One of the benefits that a smartwatch can have is that it can track multiple sports or physical activities to help you reach fitness goals or improve your performance.

Do not forget to use your sport or fitness tracker. It will help you learn if you are getting exercise and more importantly, avoid injuries.

Stress Management

There is nothing like a stress-free life. However, we can minimize the effects and learn how to manage it. Many fitness devices can detect stress levels or heart rate variation between heartbeats (heart rate variability) which helps make changes in your lifestyle. Also, it helps prevents anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even bad posture.

No matter your lifestyle, monitoring your stress levels is essential for a healthier way of life. Have time to relax and breathe deeply. Your body will thank you.

Helps You Understand The Menstrual Cycle

Knowing when the next menstrual period will help make important decisions. Some of the fitness devices allow users to track periods and symptoms which helps to know what is happening in their bodies and when it gonna happen.  Users will know how to prepare the next time they travel with no surprises.

Therefore, it is important to log in to the symptoms and the period days to get more accurate predicted periods and ovulation. [image credit : wareable]


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